Friday, March 21, 2008

An exercise in hatching...

One of my favourite comic artists is John Byrne. A true master at his craft. He has a way of hatching on his drawings that gives a wonderful sense of reality to his characters. He and Neal Adams were(and still are) amazing at this kind of comic rendering. I love Jim Lee's work also but it just doesn't have the same sort of rounded, organic feel that John or Neal get out of their stuff. Anyways, inspired by a Byrne Hulk drawing from his website, I thought I'd have a little fun(once again with the big green fella) and did a little exercise in hatching.


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

What's wrong with this Spiderman?

Now, of course, someone could get very carried away with that question and trash my anatomy or painting skill or whatever. However the answer that I see myself is there's no real background. There never really is. I neglect them because I fail to visualize these characters in an environment. I just end up thinking of them in poses. In future I plan to try to correct this little problem. That's it.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

The New Incredible Hulk Trailer...

I don't know how to put the Youtube video directly onto my blog page yet but here's the link for it...
Now that I've posted about how much I'm looking forward to this movie, after seeing the trailer, I just don't know. At first glance I think it may end up being disappointing. I think they've used a very poor re-design of the Abomination. There is a constant theme, in the comics, with any person or animal hit with the gamma radiation, and thusly, turn into some powerful creature. They're GREEN!!!! Even 'The Leader' turned green when his head got really big. So why is the Abomination not at least some shade of green? Then at least I could have bought the re-design a little more but right now, I dunno. It also looks like we've gotten the 'B' crew at ILM for this one. Maybe even the 'C' Crew. The CG, at this point anyways, doesn't look up to par with Ang Lee's Hulk. The Hulk himself looks simply too comicbookie(yes I get the irony of that statement) and that one shot of him walking towards cam looks really unnatural. This trailer definitely doesn't get the blood pumpin' the way the Ironman trailer or The Dark Knight trailer did. Every writer and director that takes on a Marvel or DC character movie, needs to watch Batman Begins about a hundred times and realize, that is where the bar is at!!!! Raise yourselves up to that bar and at least try to jump over it. So far, I'm not seeing it in the new Incredible Hulk trailer.
THIS JUST IN....this link has an interview with Louis Leterrier about some of the things that bothered me in the trailer. Hopefully he's not just trying to cover his butt...

Monday, March 10, 2008

JUGGS...No not that kind!

One of my favourite baddies in the Marvel comic world. I think he's a good guy now though....what are comics turning into, wrestling?! Though X-men 3 was just ok it was great seeing Juggs on the big screen. Hope we ge to see more some day.

Sunday, March 9, 2008


This summer is going to be one of the coolest for comic book genre movies. The Dark Knight has me the most excited, though the death of Heath Ledger was so very tragic and horrible. Like everyone else I'm sure, I was just shocked the night he passed away. It almost seemed wrong to still be excited about the movie after it happened. I few weeks have passed now though and my enthusiasm has return after taking another look at the trailer. WHY SO SERIOUS!!!!!!!! HA, HA, HA!!!!!!! Next is Ironman. This also looks really good. It seems like it has some good 'tougue and cheek' humor in it but also looks like it's going to handle the serious stuff....well seriously. The FX look tight and hopefully it won't disappoint like Daredevil and Ghostrider did. Of course it's not directed by Mark Steven Johnson(they should just stop letting him touch the Marvel universe don't ya think?) so it's got to be better right? Jon Favreau's gotta be a big step up from Johnson right? He seems like he is but ya gotta wait and see. We've also got Watchmen, Indiana Jones, Speedracer, Wall-E, Hellboy II, X-Files 2, StarWars- Clonewars, Punisher:War Journal(It might be ok...maybe...hope so....yes the first one sucked, the Thomas Jane one not the Dolph Lundgren one. Well that one sucked too but I digress...). In November we get totally jacked cause Bond is back in Quantum Of Solace!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh yeah!!! Also we have another chapter of Harry Potter. All that being said, I left my favourite childhood superhero for the last, and reason for this post. The Incredible Hulk comes out on June 13th and the Trailer is suppposed to hit in the next week or so. I love the big green fella, always have. Maybe it's cause I have a lot of inner anger...WHAT ARE YOU LOOKIN' AT!!!!!!! Just kiddin'. I know a lot of people didn't like Ang Lee's Hulk but I did. I know it's pretty slow getting going but when the Big guy hits the screen it's awesome!! The FX were incredible(no pun intended). Full on CG in day light with action??!!!! I've not seen it done that well since!!! Great stuff by ILM. I also thought that Ang's attempt to make the movie feel like a comic with all the split screens was cool but not really successful for the big screen. Comics are comics and movies are movies. I think we should keep it this way. Cuddos to him for trying though. It takes more guts to try it than most of us will ever have. Anyhoo, I am very jacked about the big mean green this summer and I'm curious to see what Louis Letterier and Ed Norton can bring to make The Incredible Hulk incredible. I did a sketch of him yesterday and did a little photoshop paint job on it so I figured I'd throw it up on the blog.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

More and more and more...

I guess if you want to post more than 5 images, you gotta do more than one post. Lesson learned.

And on the seventh day, Dude created a blog...

So here I am starting one of these blog thingies. I plan to use it to post mostly life drawing as I have recently gone back to classes. No instructor, just the model. So far it's been really great to just sit and draw a model and not have to worry that every drawing needs to make it into a portfolio!! I've spoken with a number of other artists about it recently and they seem to feel that same pressure to make each drawing a "keeper". I'm not doing that anymore. If it's a bad drawing, so what, toss it! Hopefully I learned something. If it's a good one, great! Hopefully I learned something. I'm sure I'll post other things as well in the future, but for now life drawing is it. Comments are welcomed, harsh or nice, as I see them as a learning tool.