Thursday, March 6, 2008

And on the seventh day, Dude created a blog...

So here I am starting one of these blog thingies. I plan to use it to post mostly life drawing as I have recently gone back to classes. No instructor, just the model. So far it's been really great to just sit and draw a model and not have to worry that every drawing needs to make it into a portfolio!! I've spoken with a number of other artists about it recently and they seem to feel that same pressure to make each drawing a "keeper". I'm not doing that anymore. If it's a bad drawing, so what, toss it! Hopefully I learned something. If it's a good one, great! Hopefully I learned something. I'm sure I'll post other things as well in the future, but for now life drawing is it. Comments are welcomed, harsh or nice, as I see them as a learning tool.


lindz said...

awesome! (i am your biggest fan after all. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Eugene,

Your life drawings look fantastic! Its the first thing a saw this morning when I got into the office. I was trying to get the nerve together to go back to class myself. Its been quite a while for me. This helps give me even more incentive to go back soon.


Eugene McDermott said...

Hey Ed,
Thanks man. I appreciate it. Feel free to critique also as I need to learn from others experiences as well. Do get back to the life drawing. If it's treated as fun, then it will be!!