Sunday, March 9, 2008


This summer is going to be one of the coolest for comic book genre movies. The Dark Knight has me the most excited, though the death of Heath Ledger was so very tragic and horrible. Like everyone else I'm sure, I was just shocked the night he passed away. It almost seemed wrong to still be excited about the movie after it happened. I few weeks have passed now though and my enthusiasm has return after taking another look at the trailer. WHY SO SERIOUS!!!!!!!! HA, HA, HA!!!!!!! Next is Ironman. This also looks really good. It seems like it has some good 'tougue and cheek' humor in it but also looks like it's going to handle the serious stuff....well seriously. The FX look tight and hopefully it won't disappoint like Daredevil and Ghostrider did. Of course it's not directed by Mark Steven Johnson(they should just stop letting him touch the Marvel universe don't ya think?) so it's got to be better right? Jon Favreau's gotta be a big step up from Johnson right? He seems like he is but ya gotta wait and see. We've also got Watchmen, Indiana Jones, Speedracer, Wall-E, Hellboy II, X-Files 2, StarWars- Clonewars, Punisher:War Journal(It might be ok...maybe...hope so....yes the first one sucked, the Thomas Jane one not the Dolph Lundgren one. Well that one sucked too but I digress...). In November we get totally jacked cause Bond is back in Quantum Of Solace!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh yeah!!! Also we have another chapter of Harry Potter. All that being said, I left my favourite childhood superhero for the last, and reason for this post. The Incredible Hulk comes out on June 13th and the Trailer is suppposed to hit in the next week or so. I love the big green fella, always have. Maybe it's cause I have a lot of inner anger...WHAT ARE YOU LOOKIN' AT!!!!!!! Just kiddin'. I know a lot of people didn't like Ang Lee's Hulk but I did. I know it's pretty slow getting going but when the Big guy hits the screen it's awesome!! The FX were incredible(no pun intended). Full on CG in day light with action??!!!! I've not seen it done that well since!!! Great stuff by ILM. I also thought that Ang's attempt to make the movie feel like a comic with all the split screens was cool but not really successful for the big screen. Comics are comics and movies are movies. I think we should keep it this way. Cuddos to him for trying though. It takes more guts to try it than most of us will ever have. Anyhoo, I am very jacked about the big mean green this summer and I'm curious to see what Louis Letterier and Ed Norton can bring to make The Incredible Hulk incredible. I did a sketch of him yesterday and did a little photoshop paint job on it so I figured I'd throw it up on the blog.


adam de Vries said...

very nice sketch man,
I wish I could draw this comic book stuff,
who's your favourite comic book artist? Jack kirby by any chance?and who do you think drew hulk best?
glad to see your updating your blog, I plan to check it often,
your pal,

Eugene McDermott said...

Thanks man! But you are doing it already. Sequential art man. Isn't that what Noogies is? Your a step up on me in fact as I haven't really done any of that yet. Just sketches. I would have to say that John Buscema was the biggest influence on me drawing as a kid but the best Hulk award, for me at least has to go to John Byrne. Issues #314 to #320 or so. Awesome stuff!!!