Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fastball special...

So I had fun doing a very famous Wolverine and Colossus pose. Showed it to my wife and she gets this very puzzled look on her face. Doesn't get the pose at all because she's just not that familiar with the X-Men the way geeks like myself are. After explaining, she goes, "oh, okay" but isn't all that impressed. Tough crowd;)
I hope those that check in dig it though:)



Iain Gordon said...

Ha, I hate that too. No appreciation these days. Good work buddy. Only thing I would change would be to separate Wolvie's foot from Colossus hand a bit more. The shading from the glove and his foot kinda blend together and it makes it look like Colossus is supporting Wolvie with 2 fingers. Other then that, great work dude.

Eugene McDermott said...

But, but, he's Colossus! He could totally lift Wolvie with one finger even!! Haha. Point taken though.I appreciate it dude.I've looked at it a few times and thought I shoulda made that area clearer. Oh well, next time:)
Thanks man and cheers:)